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Our Story

The Start Of  Something New
The Startup


 In 2019, CDesigns Graphic Services was first presented as a portfolio of our founder's graphic work. Without the push of family and friends, Clermagshe Cezar, would not be where they are today. Creating and running a business that helps other small businesses create an identity. So in the winter of 2019, Clermagshe decided to put their skills to good use and would say it paid off in the long run.

"It was a rocky start of course. Who would hire a high school senior to design their logo, business cards, or website banners?" (Cler). But this didn't stop her. She convinced people her skills and services were the best, and with determination, she created a company that till this day continues to grow and continues to build a clientele.

Continuing The Vision

CDesigns Graphic Services in 2021 has been grateful for all the support given by family, friends, customers, and other small businesses. Our founder, Clermagshe Cezar, has found a special way to thank everyone. Adding onto her graphic work creating logos, and business cards for small businesses, our founder has decided to use all of the funds brought in and use it towards a good cause. What is the cause you may ask? Well, our founder has decided to create a scholarship for seniors at her former high school. With open arms, our founder welcomes the class of 2022 to be the first-class she will be able to create a financially safe passageway into higher education!

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